Sun Beds

Level 2

Get your base tan started by soaking in low intensity, but high UVB rays for superior melanin production.

  • 20 minute max tan time

  • Generates rapid melanin production

  • Low intensity lamps

Level 4

Time to get seriously dark. Going darker has never been easier than with the strongest dosage of UVA in low pressure lamps.

  • 10 minute max tan time

  • The easiest way to maintain a dark tan

  • Spacious beds with contoured acrylics and premium cooling features


Galveston TX

Level 3

Give your base tan an added boost with higher lamp intensity and more UVA rays. 

  • 15 minute max tan time

  • More UVA gives darker more radiant color

  • Gives melanin deeper color

Platinum- High Pressure

The ultimate bronzing experience. Thirty-three high-pressure UVA lamps for a uniform all-round deep bronze color for your whole body.

  • 12 minute max tan time

  • Maximum UVA for a truly bronze color

  • Low UVB makes this the ideal unit to avoid any redness or burning


Santa Fe TX

*Services vary by location, please call your local spa for details.